"$39,000 Cash Collected With $140,000 Revenue"

Aaron Pursell, founder of CreditFUNDR, came to us selling a $3,000 Credit Repair offer.

While this was great, and Aaron had a few clients in his program, the amount of time it took to deliver was too much and the clientele for that offer were hard to deal with.

This meant lower profit margins and more headache for Aaron.

In order to circumnavigate those issues, we worked with Aaron to ditch the low-ticket offer of the $3,000 program and moved him to sell a $10K Credit Agency offer.

Within 24 days of doing this, Aaron was able to sell 4 new people into that $10K program, one of these people contracting to pay $20,000.

Additionally, Aaron ended up selling three new people into his $30,000 Credit Funding Software program, allowing him to collect $39,000 in cash + $140,000 in revenue.

Instagram: @aaronpursell_

Aaron Pursell - CreditFUNDR

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