“From Low Lead Flow On Instagram To Selling Out Her Luxury Travel Masterminds At $10K+"

Celia Smith, founder of Weekender Productions, already had a thriving business before coming to us. She hosts luxury, travel masterminds in exotic locations such as Greece, Bali, Croatia, Thailand, and more around the world.

Based out in San Diego, Celia is truly an inspiration.

Back in 2020, Celia came to us at Black Hat Accelerator to increase her lead flow and quality of potential prospects, in order to sell out her retreats. After meeting with us and creating a cohesive marketing strategy, our process began.

Our team assisted in setting up automation sequences via Instagram and begin driving traffic to her account and Mastermind website, Weekender Productions.

Within minutes of launching the campaign, Celia was seeing new traffic flow in and successfully was able to get new prospects on the phone, paying her cash for her retreats.

Instagram: @celiasmith

Celia Smith - Weekender Productions

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