"From Being Overwhelmed, Messaging 100's Of People A Day, To Staffing An Appointment Setter To Handle All His Leads."

In January, 2022, Chet Hanks landed nearly $50,000 in cash collected with his fitness coaching program.

 In February he did about $20,000 and then in March he pulled in just over $10,000.

As one of the top influencers and celebrities in the fitness space, Chet already had a large organic audience. 

So when he decided to a launch a fitness program to help individuals get fit FAST and expand their mindset to become truly elite, he sold out $50,000 just by himself.

However, the end result, was that Chet was BURNED OUT, spending nearly 12 hours per day, messaging people back, trying to convert them into new leads.

His schedule was wake up, eat breakfast, go to the gym, and then DM or text prospects for the rest of the day.

So when our team hopped on a call with Chet, it was clear what we needed to do.

👉 We implemented automation systems in to handle 50-60% of Chet's conversations, scraped emails from his Instagram inbox and sent these over to his CRM, and then staffed an appointment setter to actually handle conversations for him.

Within 2 days of implementing these systems and staffing a setter for Chet, he was closing multiple clients into his program, almost on auto-pilot, and is finally now back on track for $50K+ months,

Without being BURNED OUT.

Website: hanxfit.com
Instagram: @chethanx

Chet Hanks - Hanxfit.com

Chet Hanx

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