“How Matt Sold Out $100,000+ In His April Launch Of Impact Accelerator"

Matt Hersh and I, Kekoa, met back in Costa Rica last year on a trip with Celia Smith.

Matt's energy was unlike anyone I had met before. He was calm, collected, and motivating to say the least.

At the time, he was in the midst of his newest launch of his program, Impact Accelerator, which was planned to go live starting in April, 2022.

Matt knew exactly what his offer was, he had his video sales letter, and he knew how to close new prospects, if he could just get them on the phone or talk in person.

So we developed a strategy to assist Matt in streamlining and automating his lead generation process, nurture these leads, and get them booked onto calls.

Within 3 weeks of working with us, Matt had nearly 30 new calls booked.
By mixing organic sales strategies, via in-person sales and marketing on Instagram, Matt Hersh and Avery Hutcheson were able to successfully sell out their BIGGEST launch of Impact Accelerator.

Successfully contracting over $100,000 in revenue for their launch.

Instagram: @mattjameshersh

Matt Hersh - Impact Accelerator

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