“From Low Quality Leads On Instagram To Making $18,100 In 5 Days”

Michael Hummel, founder of Agency Tycoons, already ran a successful business before coming to us. They use cold email outreach and LinkedIn for the majority of their lead generation.

However, they were looking to expand to Instagram...

After discussing the best strategies to expand their reach on Instagram, we developed a marketing plan to acquire new, targeted leads to promote Agency Tycoon's PR offer.

5 days in, Michael sent us back this text, saying that "Things [were] great," along with a screenshot of $18,100 cash collected in their Stripe account.

Since then, Michael Hummel and Agency Tycoons have formed a partnership with Black Hat Accelerator and work together to generate leads and new business relationships for themselves and clients.

Instagram: @themichaelhummel

Michael Hummel - Agency Tycoons

Michael Hummel from Agency Tycoons

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