How Woody Went From A Lack Of Consistent Deals + Wasted Time To Making $20,000 In 11 Days

Woody Kelly is a photographer and videographer who gets paid to travel the world, shoot luxury villas and AirBNB's, and work with some of the top entrepreneurs.

Before working with us, Woody was working a lot of low-paid gigs at concerts and getting a few deals here and there by doing cold outreach to AirBNB's.

However, the main two problems he faced were:

👉 A lack of consistency with deals...
👉 A lot of time was spent on outreach to businesses and brands, 

... Which took away from his creative time to actually do what he loved.


After meeting Kekoa out in Costa Rica...

... and working hand-in-hand with the outreach processes of Black Hat Accelerator and a new virtual assistant, 

Woody not only was able to bring in $20,000 in 11 days, but he did this while traveling the world doing something he absolutely loved.

Woody is on track for $100,000 / month and will be working to hire an assistant, more virtual assistants, and even potentially closers to help push through more deals.

Instagram: @woodkell

Woody Kelly - $20,000 in 11 Days

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