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Kekoa macauley

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We created Black Hat Accelerator to allow individuals and businesses to rapidly improve their lead acquisition processes and land new clients on auto-pilot. After working with 4,000+ clients to grow their presence online and develop thriving brands and business, we decided it was time to share our successes by teaching others how to consistently land new sales and bring cold-hard cash into their pockets.

What began as just sharing our secrets with a few close family members & friends - now has turned into the fastest and most successful lead acquisition process on the Internet. 

We are now revolutionizing one of the largest wealth transfers in history and our clients are making phenomenal returns on their investments into themselves. Having an online presence is no longer just a "cool thing" to have - it is now a necessity to have a successful business.

Work side by side the best and take control of your future. 

Kekoa MacAuley

why Black hat accelerator IS the best?

  • We Build You A Client Acquisition Machine Which Brings You A Proven Structure To Land Sales With A Flip Of A Switch.
  • You Get An Omni-Channel Presence Working With Us, Hitting New Prospects On All Platforms.
  • Identification Of Key Resources To Streamline Your Sales Processes & Land You More Clients
  • ​In-Depth Analysis Of Your Business & Modifications To Increase Life-Time Value Of Your Customers
  • ​You Become Intertwined With Our Thriving Community Of 6-Figure, 7-Figure, & 8-Figure Entrepreneurs.
  • ​We Provide Additional Resources For Hiring Procedures & Business Structures

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Our team has 8+ years experience in the social media and online space. Growing up as the Internet has expanded, we know the in's and out's to make your brand famous online.

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