Case Studies From Our Clients

Check out our case studies and client stories below to see how Black Hat Accelerator can truly revolutionize your life!

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Kekoa MacAuley as CEO of Mastery of Influence

Case Studies From Our Clients

“From Low Quality Leads On Instagram To Making $18,100 In 5 Days”

“From Low Lead Flow On Instagram To Selling Out Her Luxury Travel Masterminds At $10K+"

Sean Adams

"“Closing $90,000 In One Day Via 
High-Ticket Sales”

Anthony Carter, Social Closers

““Closed $15,000 Within 7 Days, Using Our Lead Generation Strategies”

"From being overwhelmed, messaging 100's of people a day, to staffing an appointment setter to handle all his leads."

"From not having a consistent supply of leads to landing new plastic surgeon clients at ease."

Woody Kelly

“From A Lack Of Consistent Deals + Wasted Time To Making $20,000 In 11 Days"

“Sold Out $100,000+ In His April Launch Of Impact Accelerator"

Aaron Pursell

“$39,000 Cash Collected With $140,000 Contracted Revenue"

Mark Pooler - MSP News Global

“From Hunting Down Leads Spending Hours Each Day To Having Quality Leads In His inbox In An Instant.”

"Leads on auto-pilot which took his YouTube automation business to $30K/month."

"Meeting billionaires at age 21 and completely transitioning to high ticket sales."

Lance Adams

“From Working A Normal 9-To-5 Job To Starting An NFT Agency Closing $30,000 Deals”

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